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Range of Cover and value of Services

Prestige Network caters for all Polish translation and other language needs including: Legal (eg. Solicitors, Police, Law Courts), Commercial Business, Travel and Leisure, Education, and the Public Sector.

Since its establishment in 1991, Prestige has brought a fresh and new approach to language translation services - an area in which professionalism and a high level of customer service were previously unavailable from traditional language providers. Prestige has raised the standards in the provision of language services. The reputation, quality and dependability of Prestige has attracted many new Polish clients, the majority of which have come to Prestige through direct recommendation from our existing clients.

Prestige brings great value to the client/supplier relationship through the quality of highly experienced, friendly and bilingual staff, both external and internal. Our dedicated and professional linguists enable our clients to maximize the possibilities available to them to deliver enhanced Polish translation and language services that reflect the needs of our increasingly diversified multicultural world.

Why You Should Use Our Translation Services

  • Over 21 Years Experience
  • Over 5000 Native Speaking Translators
  • CTC and CRB Cleared Translators Used
  • More Than 200 Different Languages
  • Services Provided Right Across the UK

Providing Professional Translation and Language Services 21 years

The wide range of services offered by Prestige has grown tremendously over the years to meet ALL of the needs of its clients by responding quickly to requests and being proactive in anticipating the requirements of existing and future clients.

At Prestige, we have the capacity and experience to deliver appropriate and creative solutions - whatever the requirement of our clients. Just as the nature of Public Sector language needs differs from those of Commercial Business, there are particular challenges relating to electronic delivery and on-line publishing whether your need is in a Public Sector organisation like 'The Department of Work and Pensions' or a Commercial Business like Samsung and Vodafone.

Building on our Success

To build on the success of our translation work, we introduced multi-lingual publishing and shortly afterwards face-to-face and telephone interpreting language services. With the experience as well as the resources and management systems already in place, introducing these new services was the next logical step in the expansion and development of our language services portfolio.

Our main language Services include:

  • Translation
  • Face to face Interpreting
  • Telephone Interpreting
  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Voiceovers
  • Braille
  • Web site translation and localisation
  • Multilingual Desk Top Publishing

More details are available on Prestige Network's main Language and Translation Services website.

On a weekly basis, Prestige provides many Polish Interpreters for assignments all across the UK and translates hundreds of pages of English text into Polish and vice versa. We are eagerly waiting to help YOU!

Call 01635 866 888 or email: for a professional and friendly service.

Available across the UK