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Polish Interpreting

Polish Interpreting at its best!

When you need to communicate effectively between Polish and English, you can trust Prestige Network to provide you with the most authentic, professional and accurate Polish Interpreting and Polish Translation Services available.

Prestige upholds a strict recruitment policy in the provision of their Polish Translation Services, and handpicks only the best Polish Interpreters for our clients. To ensure your Polish communications are enriched with authenticity, we ensure that your Polish Interpreter or Polish Translator is a specialist in your chosen field.

Polish (Polskie) is the mother tongue of our Polish interpreters, who through many years of training and practice have perfected the skill of translating from Polish to English and vice versa. Every Polish Interpreter from Prestige maintains an intimate familiarity with Polish traditions and customs. They ensure that your communications are confidently and clearly communicated in the best and most suitable way possible.

Why You Should Use Our Translation Services

  • Over 21 Years Experience
  • Over 5000 Native Speaking Translators
  • CTC and CRB Cleared Translators Used
  • More Than 200 Different Languages

Polish Interpreting for all situations

At Prestige Network, we have Polish interpreters for a host of situations where Polish Interpreting may be required. Whether your dealings are business, medical, social, academic, financial, legal, technical, hotel & leisure, or academic related - we can offer you Polish Interpreting on an ad hoc or regular basis.

As your Polish Interpreter will have an in-depth understanding of your field, she or he will be able to convey the finer nuances, jargon or technical industry language, relating to that field, accurately to your target audience. From interviews to business meetings, from court hearings to international conferences, Prestige have Polish Interpreting and Polish Translation Services that turn all your communication projects into a success - every time!

Different types of Polskie / Polish Interpreting (sometimes referred to as 'Polish Translation')

Consecutive Interpreting - occurs when the Polish Interpreter begins interpreting after the speaker has uttered each complete message which is often broken up into manageable segments. Once an interpreting segment has been completed, the speaker will begin again. This is the most common form of interpreting and would be used, for example, in job interviews or medical consultations.

Simultaneous Interpreting - this is where the Polish Interpreter conveys the source language into the target language as the speaker is talking. This is frequently employed for larger groups (i.e. international conferences) and simultaneous interpreting often requires some set up and preparation.

Other Polish Interpreting formats and Polish Translation Services that Prestige offers

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